Weekly Notes Updates

This page has been added to enable us to give up to date advise and status regarding the affects of the Coronavirus. We will hopefully include messages from the fathers and the Bishop when ever possible as well as details of what is happening around the community

Holy Trinity Church Ystrad Mynach.

Holy Trinity Church, Ystrad Mynach :

Daily Notes and Readings for the Week


Monday 2       Phillip and James Apostles

Isaiah 30. 15-21 Psalm 119. 1-8 Ephesians 1. 3-10

John 14. 1-14

Tuesday 3       Henry Vaughan (1695), Poet.

Acts 7.51 – 8.1a Psalm 31. 1-5 John 6. 30-35

Wednesday 4  Holy Eucharist or Liturgy of the day

Acts 8. 1b-8 Psalm 66. 1-7 John 6. 35-40


Thursday 5      Asaph (6th century), Bishop.

Acts 8. 26-40 Psalm 66. 8, 9, 16-20 John 6. 44-51

Friday 6

Acts 9. 1-20 Psalm 117 John 6. 52-59

Saturday 7

Acts 9. 31-42 Psalm 116. 12-19 John 6. 60-69

Covid 19 and Church Services

(Updated 1st February 2022)

Under the current Covid 19 Guidance with regard to Social Distancing and Safety within Church Buildings, we are in the position that we still have to implement our Risk Assessment Policy.

At this moment in time, it is not necessary to book a place to attend worship as long as numbers stay within our risk assessment policy. However face coverings, hygiene precautions, seating arrangements and procedures will remain in place.

As circumstances change we will keep you informed of our latest guidance and procedures; with our prayers for God’s Blessing and for your continued health and safety.

.Please tune in to Sunday service for up to date announcements

 Notices for the Pew Sheet: Please let Father Keith know of any notices for the Pew Sheet PREFERABLY via EMAIL hemmingskgm@aol.com by 6.00pm on  TUESDAY EVENING.

 Articles for the Pew Sheet are welcomed on items of Parish  Ministry,  Outreach,  Social events, Churchyard, Gardening or any other Church Interests,  Activity or Appeals etc. They should be sent to Father Keith by 6.00pm on TUESDAY EVENING and be up to 250 words or so, or if longer be suitable for serialisation.

Intercession List: is renewed each week. Please send all prayer requests to Father Keith, preferably via email on hemmingskgm@aol.com by 6.00pm on Tuesday evening if possible, but please be clear whether we are praying for them as sick or departed. The intercession list for the sick and housebound will still be the subject of prayer in services which are not live steamed and in private prayer.

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