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We are the Anglican church serving the areas of Ystrad Mynach and Llanbradach.  We are part of the Church in Wales within the diocese of Llandaff


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Weekly Service

Christ the King – 22 November 2020 – Sunday before Advent


Irrespective of all the times when we have placed self-interest over the care of others; or of each occasion when we have abused our position, our power or our influence; or for everything we do that depletes our environment and weakens our humanity. Wherever and whenever we have become lost, God seeks us out to draw us back into His divine presence. However we have strayed, God calls us back to His path for life, forgiven and redeemed.
He is Christ the King; He is our God who reigns; He is our God who serves; So through our worship we reach out both to praise God’s majesty and to receive God’s wisdom, insight and strength, so that our lives might be offered in open, honest, loving service.


Almighty and everlasting God, whose will it is to restore all things in your well-beloved Son, the King of kings and Lord of lords: Mercifully grant that the peoples of the earth, divided and enslaved by sin, may be freed and brought together under his most gracious rule; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Today’s Readings
First Reading Ezekiel 34:11-16. 20-24
Psalm 95: 1-7
Second Reading Ephesians 1:15-23
Gospel Matthew 25:31-46

Homily Sermon for Christ the King Sunday, 22 November 2020, Year A

One of the Nation’s favourite images from the Spring lockdown was that of the goats from the Great Orme in Llandudno occupying the town centre and taking advantage of the lack of traffic to browse the hedges and trees in front gardens. Usually these goats lead ruggedly independent lives foraging on the limestone cliffs. They are perfectly adapted to traverse steep and rocky ledges and they survive by cropping the stunted and windblown herbage they discover in crevices in the rock. Appealing as this film footage is, it is something of a distraction from the central focus of today’s Gospel.
Likewise, if you have been a follower of the television series “my Yorkshire Farm” you will have been captivated by the hardy flocks of sheep that live on the upland areas of Great Britain, and the equally hardy shepherds who care for them.
But on this feast of Christ the King, it is Jesus Christ himself in his kingly role who should take centre stage; we should not allow ourselves to be distracted by all the references to sheep and goats. In today’s Gospel we are transported to the end of time when Jesus returns to the Earth to judge the whole of humankind, past present and future. All the nations of the world are assembled before Jesus the Son of God, to be divided into two groups, sheep or goats. Putting it simply, sheep good, goats bad. It’s all very divisive. There are no shades of grey, no room for pleas of mitigation. The sheep are going to eternal life, the goats are going to eternal punishment. This is a very difficult passage for us to read because it jars with our modern sensibilities of an all loving and inclusive God. It is hardly surprising that we would prefer to concentrate on the images of sheep and goats.
Jesus is no longer the preacher from Nazareth in a shabby home spun robe, he is now sitting on his Heavenly throne with angels around him. He is now a glorious King. Not only is he glorious but he is eternal. He has an inheritance for his followers that was prepared from the foundation of the world. He is also a generous King, he is going to share his Kingdom with any of his followers who meet his criteria for admission to that place of eternal life. He is also coming as a judge, exercising his authority over humankind to condemn or save.
It strikes me that Jesus has not set the bar too high for us. It is a qualifying standard which frankly we should all be able to achieve. In the parable those identified as sheep are blessed because at some point in their lives they have fed the hungry; given water to the thirsty; visited the sick or imprisoned; clothed the naked or welcomed a stranger. The righteous don’t realise that when they performed these actions they were caring for Jesus. Jesus points out to them that if they have cared for anyone in his family, they have cared for him. And this is another wonderful facet of Jesus’ Kingship. Jesus is a King who considers us to be part of his family; brothers and sisters to each other, sons and daughters of God.
This parable of the sheep and goats is one of Jesus’ teaching stories about the Kingdom. If we have been paying attention to the readings from Matthew’s Gospel during November we should know the sort of people Jesus’ followers should be. The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5: 1-11) tells us we should be peaceful, forgiving, merciful, kind, and gentle and ready to be persecuted of insulted for professing our Faith. We should be prepared for the arrival of God’s Kingdom by being watchful, keeping our worship and prayer life active and our relationship with God current and meaningful like the bridesmaids in the parable at the start of Matthew Chapter 25. Last week we learned that we should use our talents, small or great in God’s service. Your talent may lie in encouraging and supporting other people in their charitable efforts or in being a good listener or a sympathetic voice on the other end of the telephone. These are examples of the sorts of simple service we can render to Christ our King. Its not necessary to give away everything we own, its a case of giving simple help to the people we meet every day.
We must realise, however, that we cannot calculate our way into Heaven. There is no single summative exam which we have to pass but a lifelong process of continual assessment. In this parable the good sheep did not serve their King as a way of accumulating eternal merit. They served because they could not stop themselves. It was the natural, instinctive reaction of those who truly know their King. It is a wonderful truth that all service given to others is service given to Jesus.
There is a lovely story about St Martin of Tours, a Roman soldier and also a Christian. One cold night as he entered a city, he was stopped by a beggar who asked for alms. The poor beggar was shivering with cold. Martin had no money to give him but he did have his large soldier’s cloak which he cut in half and shared with the beggar. That night Martin had a dream in which Jesus appeared wearing half a Roman soldiers cloak. An angel spoke to Jesus: “Master, why are you wearing that battered old cloak? Who gave it to you?” Jesus answered “My servant Martin gave it to me.”
We shy away from parts of this parable because our beloved Jesus describes himself as a King who can condemn parts of his creation to eternal punishment. But in truth the damned were condemned by their own failure to recognise Jesus in their fellow human beings. This is the last of Jesus’ parables in Matthew’s Gospel. In the next chapter Jesus is betrayed, arrested and faces trial and judgement himself. Condemned for being innocent.
But today, on this celebration of Christ the King let us celebrate and rejoice that we have a King who is glorious, eternal, generous and humble. Not only Christ the King but Christ our King. AMEN
Reader Sarah

Intercessions for Sunday 22nd November

Lord God. We pray to you today from an almost empty place of worship, but we do so with full hearts. We speak on behalf of and in accord with absent friends who are with us in spirt; of loved ones who share this space from afar and who yearn to gather again in safety, in companionship and in awe of your presence.
We thank you, Father for the strength and resilience we garner from your love in these difficult times. For the certainty that your love and protection will warm and sustain us through the coming weeks and months as surely as they always have.
Lord in your mercy……………Hear our Prayer………..…

Father, we ask your blessing on all who are positions of responsibility; all who have the care of the nation in their hands; all who have taken up the duty of leading others in your name. In this place we give thanks for the continued leadership of Fathers Steven and Keith and for the dedication of all who strive so diligently to bring these services into the homes and the hearts of our friends and loved ones. We ask, Lord, that you give continued strength to those in the world of medicine and of science who have made such strides in the search for a cure to the pandemic that afflicts your world.
Lord in your mercy……………Hear our Prayer………..…

We pray for those who are sick and for those who are bereaved. We pray too for those in the wider world who are suffering hardship and heartbreak: for the victims of human violence and of natural disasters; for those fleeing poverty, persecution and injustice; for those in need and for those who lack affection. We pray for the poor and for the hungry; for the homeless and for the helpless. We ask that you bring thoughts of peace to the warmongers and compassion to the hearts of those with power over the needy and the wretched.
Lord in your mercy……………Hear our Prayer………..…

Creator God, we pray for peace in the world, for understanding between nations, religions and factions and here in one of the wealthiest nations on earth, we thank you for your many blessings: for the food on our tables; the warmth of our homes; the certainty of your love and the love and fellowship of those around us. Give us, we pray, the strength and wisdom to daily better ourselves in your name.
Lord in your mercy……………Hear our Prayer………..…

Heavenly Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your son, our saviour Jesus Christ. Amen


Christ our King is a light to the nations bringing hope, healing and comfort to all who struggle with any kind of mental, physical, spiritual, emotional or economic dis-ease. United with all God’s saints, we pray in a spirit of humility for his blessing for ourselves, our neighbours and all creation

May God, ruler of the universe, fill us with a thirst for holy justice,
May Christ, the servant king, enlighten us with his overflowing love,
May the Spirit of wisdom reveal in us God’s saving work.

And may the blessing of God almighty, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be with us and remain with us always AMEN

Holy Trinity Church, Ystrad Mynach : Weekly Notes 22nd November 2020

Sunday Services: Have now resumed with a Eucharist at 9.0am and 10.30am. This will be by PRIOR APPOINTMENT ONLY through Kevin Morgan at K.Morgan@cardiff.gov.uk or by telephone on 029 2088 1587.
We hope there will be music in the Services but congregational singing will not be permitted.

Intercession List: this is now being renewed each week, and has; please send all prayer requests to Father Keith, but please be clear whether we are praying for them as sick or departed.
Stay safe, and care for each other. With our prayers and may God bless you all.

The Readings for the 33rd Week of the Year (Psalter Week 1)               or BCP Page 212  

Monday 23 November       Revelation 14: 1-5                Luke 21: 1-4

Tuesday                                 Revelation 14: 14-20           Luke 21: 5-9

 Wednesday                           Revelation 15: 1-4               Luke 21: 10-19

Thursday                                Revelation 18:1,2 & 21       Luke 21: 20-28      to  19: 3 & 9                                 

Friday                                     Revelation 20: 1-4 & 11      Luke 21: 29-3 3       to      21: 4

Saturday                                 Revelation 22:1- 7               Luke 21: 34-36

Prayer for Advent

Advent Prayer For Wales

The Bishops are inviting everyone to join them in prayer every evening at 6pm from Advent Sunday, 29 November until Christmas Day.

Heavenly Father, in the midst of a troubled world, you are light and life. Send us your healing for those who are ill, your strength for those who are suffering, your compassion for those who grieve, and your courage for those who work for the healing and service of others. Bless our nation of Wales with the life-giving spirit of your love, and grant us your mercy, [revealed in the person of Christ your Son]. Amen.

 Prayer for the week:

God in heaven, May the flame of an Advent candle Keep us to alert to your presence in the world and guide us to people and places in need. In serving you, may we be streetlights in the dark, lighting the path for others to return to you – God for ever and ever. Amen.

Canon Robert Townsend

 With my thoughts and prayers this week, Fr Keith

A Prayer for help with Anxiety

Heavenly Father, I am weighed down with worry. I know that your encouraging Word, which reminds me of your kindness, will cheer me up. Holy Spirit, please guide me to the words I need to read today. Banish this anxiety from my heart, and help me to focus on you and your promises. I thank you for the calm assurance that you will support me through this time. Amen.

Thought for the week

This week let us think about the world in which we live and build relationships with each other and with God giving thanks for and rejoicing in the glorious diversity of humanity. Whilst we are forced to remain apart from each other may we come together in spirit to pray, to worship, and to give glory to God, who has given each one of us some special talent designed to help us accomplish God’s purposes.

In our hearts, let us own up to our individual shortcomings and failings, but still remain confident of God’s unlimited mercy and boundless love to guide and sustain us as we remember the times we have not always appreciated the gifts God has given to us. Let us pledge ourselves to do better. Recognising the value that human variety makes in the world may we use these differences to build a better Kingdom here in our parish as we pray for faith, energy and commitment, to use the God given opportunities which enable us to participate in the work of creation, and in the formation of new and relevant MISSION IN OUR AREA.

With my thoughts and prayers this week, Fr Keith

If we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Father Steven Kirk               01443 813246
Assistant Priest:   
Father Keith Hemmings      01443 830662
Sarah Steadman                    01443 816276
Church Wardens:     
Edward Williams-Price        07715 103273
Fiona Silverthorn                  07593 858305

To find out what is going on this week, please check out our current
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